Dear Parents/Guardians,

We know this year will be filled with lots of uncertainty. We are doing everything we can, at Graduate Sales, to make this year as normal for you as possible. While meetings, ordering and the entire process may be different, traditions will not stop, and we are making it as easy as possible to get your class ring.

This year, there is a push for orders to be done online, as I’m sure you can guess why. The biggest downside to ordering your class ring online, is knowing your finger size. If you already know it, you will have no problems. We will do everything we can/are allowed to do to get your finger sized. Our office will be open Monday through Friday, usually 1-4, and when/where we can, we will come to the school to do sizing in small groups. We want to give you and your students every opportunity to order their class ring.

Ordering options

  • Online at graduatesalesyouree.com

  • This is the best, safest, easiest, and most efficient way to order

  • You will have the option of paying in full or a 3-month payment plan

  • In some cases, receive your ring sooner

  • Order in our office

  • Normal office hours are Monday – Friday, 1-4

  • Can make a deposit ($100) with a payment plan

  • Can pay in cash, credit/debit, money order

  • May cause a delay in receiving your ring

  • Order at school

  • May or may not be possible depending on how this year plays out

  • Would have the same payment options as ordering in our office

  • May cause a delay in receiving your ring

Again, we know and understand these are uncertain times, and everyone is having to make sacrifices and change the way we are used to doing things. We are trying to make these changes as painless as possible. You can always contact us using one of the following ways:

  • 3524 Youree Drive, Shreveport, La 71105

  • Graduatesalesyouree.com

  • 318-865-0409

For ring art please click the link: