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In 1855 James M. Sims saw the need for education in Simsboro. Using an old log stage, J.L. Monroe became the first teacher in a one room schoolhouse. The school had to relocate for a period of 15 years. In 1904 the school became accredited by the state. In the early 1900s the school burned down and classes were held in a church. In 1933 the auditorium was built. In 1947 the present building was erected, along with a gym and cafeteria in 1965. In 1978 the L wing was added to the main buildings. In1986 an elementary annex, ag shop, library, and a multipurpose gym was added. In 2006 construction began on a new addition to the school. A jr. high wing was added to the high school. The new wing adds 10 new classrooms and a new home economics lab. At present the school stands where the 1933 auditorium was built. The community of Simsboro has a proud history in supporting education.

History of Simsboro High School

Simsboro High School Principals:


Prior to 1888- John Moore, and W.L. Hodge

1888- Loula Hayes, and William Hodge

1899- A.J. Johnson, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Nelson ●1904 -1905-W. W. Bingham ●1905-1906- J.Van Sant ●1906-1907- Otis Bullock

● 1907- 1911- C.E. Hooper ● 1911-1912- W.A. Bynum ● 1912- 1917 H.E.Townsend ● 1917-1918- H.L. Campbell ● 1918-1919-

Edwin W. Doran ● 1919-1926- J.G. Hicks ● 1926-1933- Roy B. Hester ● 1933-1937- R.E. Oxford ● 1937- Helen Madden ● 1937-1947- Morelle Emmons ● 1947-1964- James Harold Napper ● 1964-1971- Charles L. Cook ● 1971-1975- Gerald W. Cobb ● 1975-1976- Richard B. Hinton ● 1976-1978- Dr. Gerald W. Cobb ● 1978-1983- Norris W. Alexander ● 1983-1990- Dr. David Gullatt ● 1990-1998- Harry L. Jones ● 1998-1999- Dr. Charles R. Scriber ● 1999-2002- Judy Mabry ● 2002-2006- Tim Nutt ● 2006-2007- Barbara Kirkland ● 2007-2008- Donna Doss ● 2008– 2010- Earlene Jackson

l  2010-2014 Ricky Durrett  l  August, 2014 Dr. Byron Miller

l  August, 2014-2015  Dr. Lillie Williams-Hearn

l  July 2015—Present: Mr. Rusty Farrar

Simsboro High School Board Members

W. A. Burt

M. W. Hood

T. C. Alexander

Dan Durrett

L. M. Napper

L. Dowling

P. Woodard

Curtis Dowling (current)

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